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Step up the sustainability efforts of your business or brand with LaFabrica Craft's 100% compostable BioPouches.


Made from food grade paper, PLA coating & PLA extrusions, our BioPouch Basic & Liquid-Friendly BioPouch range is the perfect eco-friendly solution for all your dry & semi-dry packaging needs. Each pouch & wrap is either lined with or made fully of PLA (derived from corn, rice and tapioca starches, and sugar feed stocks) making it compatible with a wide variety of consumer products.


Items included in each Sample Pack*


BioPouches comes in Kraft, White Kraft & Film variations


Eco Benefits

  • No More Plastic!          
  • 100% Compostable & Degradable as per ISO:17088 standards
  • PLA uses 65% less energy in production and generates 63% fewer greenhouse gases compared to most conventional (petroleum-based) plastics


3 in 1 Sample set (Kraft, White Craft & Biofilm)

    • *Samples are subject to availabilty and may not always include all of the items/sizes displayed here.
    • Sample fees are requested to cover both material & shipping costs
    • To request specific BioPouch sample sizes as per your requirement, please reach out to
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