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Step up the sustainability efforts of your home or business, customers, or your clients with these handcrafted, 100% biodegradable biopouches. Made from food grade paper, these pouches are the perfect *100% safe* eco-friendly packaging solution for all your meals, snacks and savories. Each biopouch is lined with PLA made from corn, rice and tapioca starches, and sugar feed stocks for leak-proof packaging with the close contact moisture barrier intact up to 2 days (46 hours) making it compatible with dry and semi-dry food. You can customize to suit your business, your brand, or any occasion!

*MOQ for custom print: 20 pcs



Food grade paper, PLA (Polylactide)



6" Base x 8" Height


User Benefits

  • Heat Sealable
  • Waterproof Inner Layer
  • Leakproof (2 days)
  • Easy to carry
  • Custom Print*


Eco Benefits

  • No More Plastic!          
  • Reduces food wastage while leaving no trace (zerowaste)
  • 100% biodegradable & compostable
  • PLA uses 65% less energy in production and generates 63% fewer greenhouse gases compared to most conventional (petroleum-based) plastics
  • Locally handcrafted to cut back further on cradle-to-gate fossil fuel energy dependence


Country of Origin: India

Heat Sealable Biopouch, 6" x 8", Pack of 10

  • Customization Available

    MOQ: 20 pcs

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